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Bitcoin South Africa is a modern investment and mining company based on a fully-open and ready-to-grow platform built on the concept of mining and daily distribution of cryptocurrencies among all participants.

Our company launched on August 20, 2016 when our website went live on the web and was first seen by our visitors. Slowly but surely, we got our first clients and partners, and soon they will start seeing results and achievements, which makes everyone at Natron Capital Options very happy! Although the quality of our products and services is already at a high level, we will continue working diligently to improve the performance of our activity in all areas, elevating profitability and success of our company.

In order to be honest with you we will not come up with beautiful stories telling you about outstanding characteristics of our company and how many ups and downs we have experienced over the years doing a huge amount of work on the cryptomarket until we became the most successful company in the world. The opposite, being extremely open with you, we would like to mention that we have been working for only 3 months to launch Bitcoin South Africa, however you can see it for yourself by studying our website, Member's Area and investment products. Our company is at the very start of its journey, so we can honestly say that it's just the beginning!

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Our Philosophy

We believe that your success in the cryptocurrency market is determined solely by your decisions, and our mission is to provide you with the best environment for the realization of your financial goals. We strive to make interaction with our company profitable for customers, right from the initial stage, and our main principles are openness, honesty and reliability.

Transparent Working Conditions

With Bitcoin South Africa, you invest money in mining equipment, which we purchase for you and put into operation so that you can verify it. This equipment works solely for you for 400 days, and after that it becomes our property. Our job is to multiply the mined cryptoassets on the stock exchanges so that you receive additional profits based on our trading results. Obviously, the cryptocurrency market can be quite unpredictable, and even if you get no additional profits for a certain period, the mining equipment continues to work and brings you a guaranteed minimum income on a daily basis.
Bitcoin South Africa is your own business where your investments work transparently and get loaded into a tool that generates cryptocurrency. To-date, this is one of the most relevant business opportunities with a high profitability and guaranteed stability due to the steady growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Safety of Customer Funds

Financial reliability of Bitcoin South Africa is confirmed by a cash security deposit in the amount of $1,000,000 distributed equally by $250,000 across the four largest cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance (Shanghai, China), Bittrex (New York, USA), Kraken (San Francisco, USA), Poloniex (Delaware, USA). We have provided this security deposit as an insurance fund for the first year of operation, which guarantees our clients compensation for losses in the event of unforeseen risks.

Always Trusted

With Bitcoin South Africa, you have a trusted partner. This is no pyramid scheme, and we are in no hurry, nor are we dependent on the influx of new investments. We have simply found our niche and we choose to operate a business that brings us a guaranteed daily income from our operations. We invite you to join us in this promising niche and earn a pure passive income already after 7-10 months.

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