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The SPI auto Forex and binary software functions with a linked trading account and will tell you when to call or put on your trade reading from a signal chart , A huge advantage that the SPI offers is that it takes so much of the time and study out of the equation, which means that you can run your trading efforts alongside a full time job as well ;all the hard work is done for you but users have been aloof to this fact because everyone who got introduced to this system quit their jobs 2 or 3 weeks after .
The program looks at a crucial set of data, and evaluates everything possible to give you the very highest chance of a successful trade. Risk/Reward stabilizing system alerts you with automatic signals about when to trade, and more importantly, when not to trade. Using this strategic piece of software as a tool within your trading efforts is certainly something that can increase your chances of sustained profitability by a huge amount.
It is the first multi dimensional trading system that can generate 120+ trading signals daily on average. The trades can be both short term as well as long term. This software gives signals for short term trades that can be for 30-60 seconds as well as 2-3 minutes. Short term trades are good for quick profit making. The long term trades have a much higher level of accuracy and give a very return on investment. The average win rate of these trading signals is 97%. This software has got built in risk management control module with a real time trade alert system that does not require a browser to be open. This software uses a series of logical steps with a combination of trading indicators to generate the trading signals.

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